Yoga 4 Parents

Suitable for mums/dads/caregivers with kids 0-4yrs, with tiny babies or those that are running around.

We have created a space where babies / toddlers are welcome (and they are free to play, laugh, cry or be unsettled) and NO ONE will judge them OR you!!! We can help you relax amidst the chaos of kids!

Gentle Hatha Yoga class that will have you smiling and feeling great due to our welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Your child/ren can play near you with toys provided (or bring your own). Please do not bring food into the Studio. 

Each week you will learn a gentle sequence to help keep your body fluid and flexible, strong and balanced. Suitable post birth from cessation of bleeding / 6wks if having had a c-section. Clearance from health care provider is a must if you had a c-section.
You are also welcome to join us if you are PREGNANT with your first (or fourth!) child too. Nicole is a certified Pre/Post Natal yoga teacher – she can cater for your specific needs.


Babies are WELCOME. If you need to carry your baby during class, we can modify postures to allow for this. You can choose to keep your bub on a mat next to you during class too.

In these classes you will:
  • Learn how to work with your body during the early stages of the postnatal period, and how to work with your changing body, and the increasing weight of your growing new baby
  • Be introduced to the concept of deep, mindful belly breathing; using simple to learn techniques that unite the mind and body.
  • Focus on breathing techniques that may be beneficial in managing stress, lack of sleep and anxiety
  • Experience movement and gradual body relaxation techniques to develop a practice that works best for you during all stages of perinatal period.
  • Help get your hips opening, and releasing tension in neck and shoulders and lower back.
  • Find relief from leg cramps, sciatic pain and general tension.
  • Strengthen pelvic floor and core 
  • Suitable for pregnant women too

One Hour

Tuesdays 10am-11.00am

$23 casual
$85 for 5 classes
$150 for 10 classes
Block passes are consecutive weeks. There are 10 weeks in each “term” that run in alignment with school terms.

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Call or message Belle on 0403 580 464


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