Reiki is an ancient Japanese energetic healing technique.
Performed in our clinic by Reiki Master Robin.

Why have a Reiki treatment?

  • release stored stress in the physical and emotional body
  • feel more balanced
  • heal from chronic conditions
  • feel clearer mentally
  • reduce the effect of stress in body and mind
  • remove subconscious patterns holding you back
  • deeply relax
  • feel safe, supported and nurtured
  • improve sleep cycles
  • uplift mood

Who is Reiki for?

Reiki is of immense help when the body is tired, sick, stressed or overwhelmed. A Reiki treatment will leave you feeling very relaxed and it can help settle inflammatory conditions, painful conditions, headaches, common colds, and more.
Safe during pregnancy, excellent for autoimmune conditions too.

Choose from a stand alone Reiki treatment or combine with any style of massage therapy.

$Reiki + Massage$
30min Reiki$651hr Reiki + Massage (any style) $115
1hr Reiki$901.5hr Reiki + massage (any style)$155


Southern Sydney Pregnancy Massage

Formerly The Belle Flowers Clinic.
A boutique clinic supporting women of the Shire.

Our approach

Health, wellness & vitality from the inside out

Miranda Clinic

The Clinic: Suite 6 / 49-51 Kiora Rd Miranda
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