The EXPERTS in Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage in the Sutherland Shire

Are you pregnant? Would you love to experience a massage created especially for pregnant women – in a clinic that is dedicated to ensuring your comfort and safety?

Our specialist Perinatal massage clinic is the first of its kind in The Shire and greater Sydney. All our tables use a custom designed ‘belly-hole’ for your growing bump – safe for baby & comfortable for mama. Our prenatal and post-natal massage will leave you feeling relaxed, soothed and supported. Other’s may imitate, but we are the industry leaders in looking after pregnant mamas-to-be.

pregnancy massage table

Our Custom-Designed Belly Table:
At The Belle Flowers Clinic we believe in giving the best to our clients. So with our new clinic location in Sylvania comes our brand new deluxe massage table, custom designed with our pregnant clients in mind. You are going to love this! Our new table features the unique ‘belly hole’ and is extra wide and extra comfy for the ultimate in support, safety and comfort.
The hole is located just under the top layer of the table (you can’t see it, but it will move your bump into the perfect position) – very supportive for baby and belly. You really need to experience a massage on this table to appreciate it. This is the only pregnancy massage table of its kind in the Australia.
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Prenatal Massage (prices & bookings below) As the experts in pregnancy remedial massage , our treatments are known to be very relaxing but highly effective in reducing the common aches and pains surrounding all stages of pregnancy. Using a carefully practiced method of working with the client, we can reduce pain associated with Pelvic Instability, Pubis Symphysis Disfunction, Sciatica, Lumbar pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Migraines & Headaches, Swelling in lower legs, and that general feeling of heaviness that is common to most pregnant women. Of course if you are just looking to relax we can provide a safe, gentle and nurturing treatment that won’t include any remedial techniques.

Induction massage (prices & bookings below) designed by Belle and exclusive to The Belle Flowers Clinic. All therapists are trained extensively in this method. Available from 37wks, and only for Low-Risk pregnancies, you will enjoy a relaxation-style massage, coupled with advanced acupressure techniques known for their ability to stimulate the uterus and assist with moving the body towards birthing. We use doTERRA essential oils to create a stimulating – yet relaxing – oil blend that is known for its ability to stimulate the uterus and give you a nudge in the birthing direction. We are very proud of our success rate, and many of our repeat clients come back to us knowing that our Induction treatments really do help them move into labour.

We can also offer relaxation prenatal face and body packages for complete pampering, whilst combining our induction techniques.

Postnatal massage 0-16weeks post birth (prices & bookings below) is an important part of post natal recovery. It is a time when hormones are fluctuating, you are getting intermittent sleep and the demands on your physical body have never been so high. Emotionally you may feel up and down, and mentally you may feel like you are only at half your usual level. During a Postnatal Massage we will assess your postural needs (those aching neck and shoulders are getting a work out) we will assess your tummy muscle separation, release stuck and sore lower backs, help sluggish lymphatics in your legs (think:swollen ankles) and help bring relief to your nervous system.
We know what your body has gone through, and we understand how to improve your posture, reduce muscular aches & pains and how to work with you so you will thrive in the postnatal period.

doTERRA oils:
All our massage treatments give you the option to experience pure essential oils that are SAFE & EFFECTIVE during pregnancy. Not all oils are safe in pregnancy – we only use doTERRA oils.

Click here for more info on what you can use during pregnancy.

Our massages are so much more than just the “hands-on” treatment – we know bodies, bellies & babies – we can support you where you are at physically, emotionally and mentally.


Clinic Hours:

  • Monday 9.30am-3pm
  • Tuesday-Friday 9.30am-9pm
  • Saturday 8am-6pm


Massage Prices


Prenatal Relaxation Massage

A treatment designed to relax your nervous system, calm the mind and allow the body to rest. Swedish massage techniques increase circulation, reduce swelling in lower legs, sedate the nervous system, allowing for toxin removal from cells.

For pricing see our Pricing Page

Prenatal Remedial Massage

Remedial massage consists of stretching, deep tissue massage, joint movements, injury management and chronic pain relief. Most treatments include a fusion of relaxation and deep tissue massage, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated. It is recommended that if you have a chronic condition or a specific concern that you commit to a series of 3 to 6 treatments in order to work with your therapist to achieve optimal results.

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Premium Induction Massage

Premium Induction Massage is more than just relaxation massage to help induce your labour. We perform a variety of techniques to help your body and mind find stillness, whilst activating acupressure points for labour to begin.

Only performed after 37wks – for LOW risk pregnancies.

We use carefully arranged techniques to help you find peace and total body relaxation.
We know that the body will not birth if there is fear present, so we help you to learn how to find peace in the “unknown”. Using certified therapeutic grade essential oils, we apply pressure to various acupressure points known to stimulate the uterus and assist the body in going into labour naturally.

Of course, there are no guarantees, but we do enjoy a modest “success” rate of women going into labour naturally from 24-72hrs after an induction consultation.

Please note that all therapists in this clinic are trained in this technique by Belle, and have extensive knowledge of the body and any contraindications to treatment. Not all mamas are able to undergo this treatment – so a medical history will be obtained prior to treatment.

For pricing see our Pricing Page

Post Natal Treatments

All Post Natal treatments are created to assist the new-mum to feel better and return to a calm state. With the pressure of broken sleep, a new person to get to know, and possibly other children to care for, the Post Natal period of 0-16wks can be incredibly demanding on a woman’s body and mind.

Post Natal Remedial Massage –  Common post natal aches and pains include tension in your neck, upper back, shoulders and lower back. We can soothe and stretch these areas so that you feel less pain and tension whilst holding and feeding baby. Of course each woman is different, so we can help address any current issues you may be experiencing.

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