New Mama Kit

New Mamas need all the help they can get, and this kit has it all:

Including a Petal Diffuser, Lavender Peace, On Guard, Easy Air and a FREE 5ml Wild Orange.
$198.50 plus shipping.




On Guard: protects the environment by removing up to 99.9% of germs in the air. So if you are worried about visitors coughing and spreading their germs, then you need this pumping in the diffuser. 
You can also use this instead of anti-bac on your hands. And if you mama, are feeling run down and struggling in the virus department, then you can use this oil to boost your immune system. It is also perfect for other kids in the home to use on their feet, and to use on their hands too. 


Easy Air: babies often get sniffly and snuffly, and if you have lots of kids in the home already, you want to make sure they can breathe easily. This oil blend supports the airways and helps to make sleeping easier. You want to make sure you are using this oil correctly, so be sure to book a phone chat with me when you purchase this oil.



Lavender Peace: think:soothing and calming. This oil is a MUST for every new bubba – actually for the WHOLE FAMILY. This blend is instantly calm inducing, so use in the “witching hours” in the afternoon and evening, and mama dab on the neck and wrists whenever you feel your nerves starting to rattle. Containing Lavender plus Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang – so you will feel instant calm form the very first smell.



Wild Orange: this oil is FREE when you book a phone chat with me after purchasing your New Mama Oil kit. Wild Orange is a super-oil with many lifesaving properties. From soothing nerves, to uplifting mood, to cooking – this is a versatile oil that every new mama will love.


Petal Diffuser: Plug in and let it go for either 1hr, 2hrs or 4hrs. Instant shut off – won’t burn out when the water runs out. Night light. You only need up to 5 drops of oil in this baby, so it is economical and does an amazing job. Belle has four of these around the home, and her kids can set it up and use it – too easy!



To order these oils, simply click HERE and then set up a WELLNESS ADVOCATE account, and choose the oils from the menu. You will also need to add a Wellness Advocate Enrolment kit (this is included in the above price). To receive your free Wild Orange, you will need to schedule a phone consult with Belle. 
Need help? Call Belle on 0481 242 942 and she can help you. 

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