Oils for Common Pregnancy Issues

Morning Sickness – Digestive Blend mixed with Fractionated coconut oil*, applied behind ears, along jawbone, over naval area and on soles of feet – every 3 hrs. (Mix 1 drop into 1 tsp of coconut oil)

Leg Cramps – in THIRD trimester only, mix Aromatouch blend and fractionated coconut oil* and massage on legs and feet daily. This is a great way to get your partner involved. Men love to help and often feel useless – this will empower him, and you will feel amazing. (Mix 2 drops of Aromaotouch with 1Tbp of coconut oil).

man and womanLack of Sexual Interest – yes I know! This is the LAST thing on your mind. But did you know that sex during pregnancy can be A-MAZING for both of you? If you want to spice up the bedroom and actually “feel like it”, then try this blend:

Ylang Ylang or Balance Blend mixed in Fractionated Coconut oil* and massaged onto lower back and abdomen, or wear as a perfume. (mix 3-5 drops of either oils with 1 Tbps coconut oil). You may not actually get to the main course, but your back will get a massage and your partner will feel like he has been supportive.

Perineal Preparation – Mix Frankincense with fractionated coconut oil* or jojoba and apply daily as you massage the area. (Mix 1 drop Frankincense to 2 Tbs oil).

Breech Baby – Mix Myrrh OR Peppermint oil and fractionated coconut oil* and rub into belly near the ribs. (Mix 5 drops oil with 1 Tbs coconut oil). * ensure you get permission from your Obstetrican or Midwife before trying this, as there could be medical reasons why baby needs to stay where they are!


induction 2Slow Labour – Mix Clary Sage, Lavender & Peppermint or Clary Calm Blend for Women with fractionated coconut oil* and massage to lower back, abdomen at least every 2hrs. This blend will help stir the uterus into action if there is a “stop/start” rhythm to your contractions. (Mix 2 drop Clary Sage and 2 drops lavender or 4 drops only of Clary Calm to 1 tbs of coconut oil and massage lower back and abdomen.)


Post-Birth – Uterus care – Use your Clary Calm oil or the Labour blend to massage onto your belly two to three times per day to help your uterus contract and go back to normal size.

*Fractionated coconut oil is just like normal coconut oil, except it doesn’t solidify at colder temperatures. Meaning it is easier to use and always stays in liquid form


Disclaimer: use of oils must be combined with common sense! If it doesn’t feel right – for you – then DON’T do it. Talk to your midwife of Obstetrician for their advice if you are unsure. There is no “one oil fits all” for your conditions, what works for one woman, may not work for all. Be intuitive, be your own healer, learn to trust your body. Only YOU know what is best for you and bub.
Research on using essential oils during pregnancy is SCANT because NO ONE wants to test on a pregnant woman.
We only use and recommend doTERRA essential oils, because they are the industry leaders in the production, testing and bottling process. All doTERRA oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade – which means there are no fillers, synthetics, bacterial / virus / mold in the bottle. All you get is PURE essential oils. NO OTHER COMPANY in the world can claim this.
With in-house AND 3rd Party testing, you can be ASSURED of quality, purity and effectiveness in every bottle.
doTERRA oils can be applied to the skin, taken internally or diffused (not burned) for aromatic effect – NO OTHER OIL can be used in these 3 ways. 


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