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We are a group of women supporting women, using our talents & giftings for the common good. We encourage, uplift & support our clients & colleagues alike. We do not gossip. We do not feed negativity. We respect the environment, our workplace & each other.

The Belle Flowers Clinic offers a unique service to the women of the Sutherland Shire. It is a place for healing, reflection, nurturing and friendship. We believe that every woman needs to be treated as the unique and wise woman that she is. She knows her body, and she inherently knows what she needs. This individualised approach means we offer a holistic view to achieving health, wellness and vitality, via massage; relaxation techniques; yoga; nutrition; energy healing and exercise advice.

Corrective Remedial Massage therapy is a deeply personal experience, and each client is treated as an individual. Treatments can and will change with each appointment, depending on the specific needs of the client. 

For our pregnant clients, we use a custom-designed pregnancy massage table – created when Belle was pregnant with her second child – in order to ensure safety and maximum comfort throughout every month of pregnancy (for those expecting twins as well).

Energy healing is an important aspect of our work, and will often be suggested in cases where respite from pain cannot be achieved with massage alone. Emotional healing is a specific technique that Belle uses to bring comfort, release and closure to many long standing physical and emotional issues holding you back from living a vibrant and passionate life.

Using only exceptional natural massage oils, doTERRA essential oils and organic skin care, each body and facial treatment is created with three main goals in mind:

* To create an experience that lifts the mood of each client
* To enhance the wellness and vitality of each client
* To nurture each client’s inherent natural beauty

Consistency, research, experience and passion for good health and wellness with corrective remedial massage therapy is what sets The Belle Flowers Clinic apart.

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The Belle Flowers Clinic

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The Clinic: Suite 6 / 49-51 Kiora Rd Miranda
The Yoga Studio: now @ The Body Shapers Pt gym. Flora St/Bath Rd Industrial complex. Opp Kirrawee Public School
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